Good Friends, Bad Company - CD

  • Good Friends, Bad Company - CD

HELLCOME! is an alcoholic band hailing from Italy that mixes the Power of Metal and the fun of Rock’n’Roll, in just one word: Thrash’n’Roll.
The band was formed in Fabriano (AN) – Italy, from an idea of 4 guys in love with beer. During nights out in very suspicious bars, the band composed almost all the songs that will be featured in the debut album “Good Friends, Bad Company”, which is also the motto that has always guided their unsteady steps and has inspired indecent and politically incorrect lyrics.

“Good Friends, Bad Company” tracklist:
1. Good Friends, Bad Company
2. Dead City Lights
3. Revenge
4. Can You Feel My Hate?
5. Until See Snakes
6. The Art Of Squirting
7. Motörhead
8. Life Parade
9. Liver

Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Sauro Mori

Hellcome! are:
Marco Monacelli - Vocals
Sauro Mori - Guitars
Matteo Carovana - Bass
Alessio Monacelli - Drums